Fireproof Storage Cabinet by FireKing

Fireproof Storage Cabinet by FireKing

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A FireKing fireproof storage cabinet protects oversized documents, binders, end-tab filing, bankers boxes, and other valuable items from fire and incidental water damage. Includes two adjustable shelves. Offered in two heights. Available in Parchment only.

Model: CF4436-D / CF7236-D

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Underwriters Laboratories® (UL) Class 350 Fire Rated to protect paper contents. When exposed to external temperatures of over 1700°, the internal temperature of the cabinet will not exceed 350° for one hour (paper ignites at around 480°). The duration and maximum temperature of a fire in a building compartment depends on several factors and the cabinet may protect the contents for a longer period of time.

Water Resistance means storage cabinet is designed to prevent water damage resulting from sprinklers and fire hoses.

Fireproof Insulation is composed of oven-dried gypsum. FireKing offers an asbestos-free, dry insulation. Unlike wet insulation, dry insulation will maintain protection properties for a lifetime, and completely eliminate corrosion.

High-Security Key Lock is a UL-listed Medeco high-security key lock resistant to picking and drilling. Upgrade available to an electronic lock.

Adjustable Shelves included, making it easy to store oversized documents, binders, end-tab filing, Banker's Box, and other valuable items. 160 lb weight limit per shelf.

Finish is both environmentally friendly and scratch-resistant, providing a lifetime quality appearance.

Field Replaceable Steel Panels allow for easy replacement of damaged panels.

Exterior Mounted Handles.

Made in the USA. HIPAA Compliant.